The Global Network for Smart Cookies

Social Cookies for Web2 and Web3

Social Cookies

Why worry about 3rd-Party cookies? Go beyond even first-party cookies, join the network for global Multi-Party Social Cookies, and return to the known space of the Internet.

Social Consent

Cookie Protocol empowers an Internet where users control their cookie data, and can monetize it for themselves. The Cookie Protocol Network is delivered as a Cookie Consent Management Platform with GDPR compliance.

Social Members

Member signup and management APIs allow authentication and authorization with varying levels of gated access. Paid memberships support web2 and web3 models.

Social Sharing

1-click social sharing across all major social media networks, making it easy for developers to enable their app and website users to promote content across the social Internet.

Social Support

Snap-in real-time support through live audio or live video, or even good old text chat. Connect visitors or users across your website or app to your customer support personnel.

Social Wallet

Monetization begins with an embedded FinTech engine, enabling users to collect their own data, and earn rewards for being members of various Cookie Protocol networks.

Social Commerce

1-click empowerment with Coseller Protocol, with seamless integrations across Shopify, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms, enabling DTC and authentic social commerce, driven by cosellers.

AI-Powered Community CRM

1-Click empowerment with Sales Force Protocol: Seamless integrations into Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and Community-Driven CRM systems enable comprehensive AI-Powered Marketing Automation.

Early Access

Straightforward cloud-based SaaS with a one-time $999 setup fee, and $99 a month subscription program. Free through 2023 for early access customers, see if you qualify.

Thank you

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